Über uns

Welcome and Servus at bluedanube apartments!

We have been living in Vienna for more than 40 years. In the city of culture, music, history, the Danube, the waltz, the sweet delights…….

We, that are Linda & Paul.

Linda was brought up at the Schoenbrunn Palace, the top tourist attraction in Vienna. Well, not as a Hapsburg sibling and neither as a maid. There are grace & favour-apartments within Schoenbrunn, something quite common in a lot of historic buildings throughout Europe. Therefore Linda was infused with touristic ambience, history, myths, culture and the Hapsburgs from very early.

Our roots are lying in Vienna, but we love to go abroad, travel as much as possible, for vacation or business. Our journeys led us to Asia, America and Africa, in Europe there are only a few places not yet visited.

In our working life we are engaged in business as manager and consultant. We love our jobs, but our real affection is exploring new and foreign cultures, head for magical and mystic places and gain new friends …. and ideally we can share knowledge and joy.

We love far away places as much as places just a stone’s drop away. Our heyday in our travelling and away-from-home-experience were the 4 years in the UK.

That said we decided to collect all our travel experience and mix it up with what we think are the essentials whilst travelling. We added a dash of our knowledge as a local and stirred in our hospitality and our ability to welcome friends. Here is the result: bluedanube apartments was born.

We are convinced, you will feel home from home with us as hosts.

Immerse into the Viennese mindset. Experience like you only can do with a local and enjoy Vienna in a unique and personal way.

Enjoy Vienna the bluedanube way!